1993 September, the two founders, both advanced mining engineer,  incorporated ‘Hongzhida Trading Co., Ltd’ in Jinan city of China;

2002, the company moved to Qingdao city and was re-named as Qingdao Fambition Mining Technoloy Co., Ltd, refreshing itself for development in the new era with China’s entry of WTO.
(1993 – 2003, in ten years,  Fambition had established its overseas efficient supply chains and a powerful sales network in home market.  It grew into the Top One Supplier of spare parts to trackless underground mining equipments in China.)

2004, a joint venture was set up in Jinchuan city by GHH of Germany, JNMC of Jinchuan Group, and Fambition, to manufacture trackless underground mining equipments.  Marketing home and abroad, it aims for the Top One manufacturer of trackless UG mining equipments in China and Top Three manufacturer over the world.

2005, Fambition established its independent Overseas Marketing Department, to shape the brand of ‘FAMBITION’.  With effective support from its OEM manufacturers, FAMBITION LHDs and Mining Trucks were well promoted and sold in overseas market.
2007, Qingdao Hambition Drivetrain Components & Parts Co., Ltd, a independent subsidiary of Fambition, was started.  It’s an authorized DANA Service Center of Off-High way products in the north of China.

2008, cooperating with China Stone Management Consulting Group, Fambition reformed its managing system and launched a new company strategy.  In the same year a new plant of Fambition started being built in Chengyang district of Qingdao, shifting its focus from trading & service to manufacturing industry.

2009, the new strategy, ‘Trading Service as Foundation, Manufacturing as Body’, was completed.

2010, Fambition Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd was established and has its factory in Chengyang district, marching from trading industry to manufacture industry.

2011, Fambition developed its first LHD, 4 ton payload, all new design for narrow vein mining.

2012, new offices of Capland Center in Qingdao Core Business area was put into use.  Meanwhile, a new factory of 60,000 m2 started its construction.  By the time the factory put into production, 300 – 500 sets trackless UG mining equipments will be manufactured annually.  A layout of ‘ One Headquater Two Factories’ will be accomplished.